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Instructor: Angie Cherubini

Hi everyone, it’s Angie and we’re so glad you’re here and hopefully one of our free videos below will help your small business.

We know that there are so many training courses out there for entrepreneurs and people wanting to start up their own businesses, but we thought, what about those people who run small businesses?  You now need a little help but you just don’t have the money, especially now to hire a firm or another employee specifically in marketing, advertising, or design?

Well, here’s where we come in!

We want you to get to know us, hopefully, learn something new and trust us by watching and learning from our free courses. You can share them with friends and family. We do not care!!!! These are simple things every small business should know or be doing, but you know, it gets lost in all those other tasks that we have to do or somebody tells us to do.

So we hope our 20 plus years in business will help you navigate through all the advertising and marketing design.   So have fun. And thanks again for watching!