How to build your own video marketing system

How To Build Your Own Video Marketing System

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Instructor: Angie Cherubini

Hi there and welcome to our course on how to build a video Marketing system and why you need it.

If you are going through this course and still need a video blog contact us now to get yours!

The “why” is simply  “It’s not who you know, it who knows YOU” and that means getting out in front of everyone on multiple platforms.

It used to be time-consuming writing creative original posts to get your message across to your audience. OR you paid someone else to do it and most of the time it was either boring or had the wrong information.  But not now!

We will show you how to take your short videos of Q and A’s, announcements and testimonials and turn them into quality content that can be shared on your platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, your email list, and your very own Video Blog!

That’s the why now the how.

In the course we will go through 4 steps:

  1. the setup or what you need to get started to help you get organized.
  2. the build or creation of a functioning email list, social media platforms, and your Video blog.
  3. the broadcast or the way you actually get this message out.  we will teach you how to record and edit your videos properly, transcribe and post.
  4. the amplify or how to spread it!   We teach you how to boost your post on Facebook!

So, if you have watched this and you can’t move to the first chapter then you probably didn’t sign in or you still need to sign up.  Take a moment and do that and we will see you in chapter 1!