Membership Levels


$0 per month

  • access to FREE forums
  • access to FREE trainings


$39 per month

  • step-by-step video courses
  • access to future courses
  • access to member's forum
  • access to our team through the forum


$15,000 Per 6 months

  • same access as Member's level
  • one-on-one acess with staff
  • private coaching
  • Application Only

Membership Levels

What's included in each membership?


First off we have a free level, which is... free. 🙂
It includes access to our free forums where you can get basic information on marketing, advertising, and design from our team and the community.  We regularly drop free training in our forums where you can learn way more than some paid courses teach.  Click here to join the free membership.


This is our flagship level that we simply call our "membership".  It includes step by step video courses on everything from building your own website to advanced Facebook ads courses and everything in between.  Each course on its own could be sold at a very fair price but we want great result from our students so we bundle EVERY course into one membership.  Yes, you get access to every single course we have now as well as every member's only course we release in the future.  Plus, you get full access to our member's forums with complete access to the entire Cherubini University staff and team for coaching, guidance, and friendship!  You come for the courses, you will stay for the community.  Click here to join our membership.


Our masters program is for those with less time to learn to do it themselves and more resources to use for coaching and accountability from our staff.  This program is very limited and by application only.  If you are interested in joining this "inner circle" you must book a call with us on the contact us page.